Thursday, 17 September 2015

Honey Butter Chips arrives in Singapore!

While Kpop has been in Singapore for awhile, the Korean ever favorite snack Honey Butter Chips has just arrived in Singapore! Only at Happy Munchers!

If you would like to know more about this chips, click here to check out our previous post.

Here's an episode on a Korea TV channel dedicated to explain the honey butter craze in Korea.

In fact, we brought in our first batch of stock (100 packets) 2 weeks ago for a soft launch. This chips was not made available for sale on our online store then but only selling mainly on other platform or word of mouth. To be really honest, the response turned out to be better than expected which everything eventually sold out in less than 2 weeks (well, not as fast as Korea though, out of stock nationwide in 10 minutes). We have already received a good number of pre-order from our next restock. Of which quite a handful are returned customers.

If you would like to munch on this Honey Butter Chips as well, do visit us at to 'chope' your chips from our restock which is expected to arrive next week.

Also at Happy Munchers, we do offer more than just honey butter chips, we are constantly looking for interesting and unique snack satisfy our fellow munchers craving. Check us out today for your next munching session.

Till then, munch on!

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